Detail Aid Connected to CRM

The NoStatik Media team was approached by a small biotech company wanting to create an e-detail aid connected to its customer relationship management system (CRM).

Following a brief, the team created a brand new e-detail aid from scratch. The product incorporated a pull-down menu so that company sales representatives could choose a physician from the company’s CRM list and tailor their presentation accordingly.

During customer sales meetings, the e-detail aid could be used to administer a survey direct to the HCP in order to better understand his/her perception of treatment options. The information collected was later used in a customer segmentation exercise. The e-detail aid also included an option to email approved slides to the HCP directly from inside the presentation.

The project enabled sales representatives to collect useful information during a sales call and to email an HCP approved slides, without ever needing to leave the e-detail aid. This saved the company time and money.

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